Do you know anyone who would like to adopt to a more natural skincare routine without having to spend a fortune trying every product? We introduce you to the kit of four mini essentials from the Montreal brand Etymology.
Article by Laurie-Han Hébert, photography by Étymologie.
This article prioritizes :
✓ Local fabrication
✓ Natural & 100% vegan ingredients
✓ Cruelty-free products

Trying a new brand

Trying out a new skincare brand can quickly become expensive. This is even more relevant in the context of purchasing an eco-friendly beauty brand, because the ingredients chosen with attention to detail are often natural or non-toxic and local production is frequent.
Choosing to be as environmentally friendly as possible often represents a cost for enterprises, which directly affects the selling price that the ethical consumers are paying. However, this amount can quickly become exhaustive as we try to discover new products and find those that suit us.

The essentials kit by Étymologie

One brand that understands this is Etymology, which is both local (formulated in Montreal and made in Alberta) and sustainable (natural ingredients from Ecocert certified organic farms, concerns for the ecological footprint, sustainable packaging, “green chemistry”, PETA certification and more).
Founder Raquela Cheesmond explains :
“The complex balance of chemical compounds found in a single plant oil or extract simply cannot be replicated in the lab! Even with new scientific developments, the power of nature is truly humbling.”
Raquela Cheesmond, founder of Étymologie

The brand recently launched a set of its daily essentials for a discovery of their “ultimate sustainable skincare routine”. The travel size of the active clay cleanser and the 3 serums allows you to try the products on a daily basis to determine if they are the right ones for you! The price ($95) is also affordable considering that the kit allows a complete morning and night routine.
The active clay cleanser can be used in the morning and the evening by massaging 1 to 2 drops on dry or slightly damp skin, while the total hydration serum moisturizes during both uses of the day, without leaving an oily texture. In addition, the probiotic vitamin C serum (morning routine) and the backuchiol cannabis sativa serum (nighttime routine) respectively protect and restore the skin while starting the day, or clarify and rejuvenate it before sleep.
The size, versatility and quality of this daily routine kit make it a must if you want to try out more natural products or if you simply want to discover the brand!