The Festival Mode et Design is singing, being inspired and catwalking down the runway in order to display our identity, our differences and our authenticity. This year the motto was to dare and have fun, all with local pieces of international reach. Here are the highlights as well as our favorite creations of the designers.

Article by Laurie-Han Hébert. Photography by Ana Camila (all rights reserved).

A few words from the co-founders…

“It’s an ecosystem of 200 creative Montrealers and about 20 economic leaders from Downtown that allow the FMD and Montreal to rock once more. ” – Jean-François Daviau

“The festival believes deeply in sustainable and responsible fashion. The one that we recycle, the one that we upcycle, that we swap, the one that gives way to diversity, the one that is created locally, artisanally, the one that makes our families work, the one that inspires us. ” – Chantal Durivage

Moments to remember on the stage …

Village des Valeurs fashion show, in collaboration with Cary Tauben, was inspired by the 80s. The stylist who won the title of stylist of the year at CAFA 2018 demonstrates with these pieces that it is possible to be fashionable while reusing, repairing or upcycling!

The artistic performance of LaSalle College featured dance, singing and fashion in order to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the institution.

Pony‘s authentic and fun fashion show that displayed her collection “Au bout du feel”. Everyone was talking about The Montreal artist and her crew of models that smoked weed on the stage while dancing … We find it refreshing!

Le défilé Reluxe pour la Fondation Le Chaînon a encore une fois été un succès. Merci à toutes les personnalités publiques et les médias qui ont rendu ce projet possible!

The “Sunshine Makers” fashion show by the brand NOUVEAU from the creative studio Once Again was accompanied by an artistic performance that denounced the overconsumption of clothing.

The FMD Talks conferences led by Stéphane Leduc were both inspiring and enriching. During these were introduced creators as well as people related to the fashion industry.
From left to right on the stage : Stéphane LeDuc, Denis Gagnon, Azamit et Marie-Mai.

The dance troupe Dynamite by the Nataly Lapointe School of Dance ignited the festival’s scene. We were also got the chance to see a Ballet Jazz Montréal  performance, not to mention the Fresh 2 Death dance battle which took place every day just before the shows.

An Overview of The Pieces Presented During The Fashion Shows

Pedram Karimi: One Undone           Collège LaSalle : Oscar Mendoza

Incluses par les Jumelles Stratis      Elena Wang                    

Village des Valeurs X Cary Tauben      NOUVEAU by Once Again

RELUXE                   Fusion Jeunesse

Pony Montreal                                  Yung Alexander
FMD Talks

We’re leaving you while admiring the shoes created by Jérôme C. Rousseau, a guest speaker at FMD Talks … Hoping that the next edition is just as unforgettable!

Shoes by Jérôme C. Rousseau

*Shades of Green asks that copyrights of the photos being respected by giving the credit to the magazine as well as the photographer if some pictures are taken.