Here’s all there is to know about the very first Canadian gua sha created by Léa Bégin, makeup artist and founder at Beauties Lab.
Article by Laurie-han Hébert. Photography by Mercredi Studio for MINĒRA.
This article prioritizes:
✓ Local production
✓ Natural ingredients

First of all: What is gua sha?

Gua sha comes from a therapeutic Chinese method that goes back to the time of the emperors whose practice has been proven by traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years.
It is a self-massage tool designed to detoxify, plump, smooth and restore radiance to facial skin, while improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
Jade roller lovers will definitely adore it, because MINĒRA does everything a jade roller can do, while the inverse is not quite the case! In fact, the advantage of gua sha lies in its curves that allow you to massage the skin by accessing more precise sections of the face and neck.

The Very First Canadian Gua Sha

Léa told us that her gua sha order for the Beauties Lab (an eco-chic beauty boutique that Léa owns) was stuck in China during the first wave of the pandemic. This type of product normally comes from this country, since the factories are located there.
“I’ve been under a lot of stress because this is my top-selling product. I thought, ‘This can never happen again. There’s no way. Especially not during a pandemic, when people need more than ever to connect to wellness rituals.’ It added a lot of stress to be sold out and not being able to order any. “
– Léa Bégin, founder of MINĒRA
MINĒRA, the first Canadian gua sha was born from there. The product is created and sculpted locally in Quebec in the Limoges tradition. Its mission?
“[To] honor traditional Chinese medicine by showcasing Quebec know-how and terroir. “
– Léa Bégin, founder of MINĒRA
Here are a few words from Léa about the creative process of MINĒRA:
“I contacted Quebec artisans who work with many different materials. I found the only woman in Canada who makes porcelain using the Limoges method, which is only taught in France. It is a porcelain that is non-porous, therefore antibacterial. I sent her a gua sha asking her if she was able to create something like this… And she did. “
– Léa Bégin, founder of MINĒRA

Its ingredients

MINĒRA is a porcelain made from a 100% natural blend of kaolin, quartz and feldspar. Its purpose is to provide a gentle face and neck massage to relieve tension, reduce stress and anxiety, as well as promote well-being.
The matte and very solid texture of MINĒRA porcelain reduces the risk of dropping it. However, there is also a “2-Year Worry-Free Guarantee” for those who are clumsy by nature!
The porcelain can also be purchased as a duo with the necessary oilThis massage oil with the subtle scent of chamomile contains 90% Quebec ingredients and 95% certified organic ingredients.

MINĒRA (60$), the necessary oil (45$) & the duo (95$)

How to use it?

Here is a video that describes how to use MINĒRA

MINĒRA & inclusion

This product has been designed for everyone. Age, gender, skin type are irrelevant when it comes to this accessible, minimalist and durable self-care tool.
“It’s fun because it is a very inclusive product. Everyone is able to practice self-massage. “
– Léa Bégin, founder of MINĒRA
You can find the product on the website of MINĒRA, Beauties Labas well as at various points of sale in Quebec and Canada.