Shades of Green is an ethical fashion magazine that focuses on the personal ethical recipe of its readers, rather than perfection. Thus, Shades of Green offers many ways to respect each person’s priorities through its articles. Although the magazine focuses on fashion, other themes like cosmetics, travel, cooking, culture, and more are approached to prove that Shades of Green is not a trend, but a lifestyle.
Simply rank these elements in order of priority to determine what will affect your purchase decisions.
  • Working conditions
  • Water
  • Animals
  • Recycling
  • Natural textiles
  • Locally manufactured products

Many solutions are available for you when you take these causes to heart. Here are some of them:     
  • Working conditions: Opt for companies that are against the choice of an underpaid workforce.
  • Water: Buy products that are made from recycled plastic, encourage compagnies that dedicate a portion of their profits to organizations involved in cleaning and preserving the oceans and learn about dyes that, when spilled, are likely to pollute the waters.
  • Animal: Encourage companies that are against animal experimentation (in the industry of cosmetics, by exemple), as well as those who do not use the skin of animals.
  • Recycling: The purchase of second-hand clothes (through thrift shops for example) or products created by designers that offer new life to tissue scraps. Or, the simple exchange of clothes between friends!
  • Natural textiles: Prioritize products made with natural fibers while avoiding synthetic fibers. Pay particular attention to the types of stains that involve the release of chemicals into the environment and avoid them.
  • Locally manufactured products: Advocate local companies or those trying to reduce pollution when transporting products.
We bring emphasize to these solutions in our articles and inform you so that you can follow your personal ethical recipe, while having a trendy look. Some articles include check marks that indicate wich aspects are priorized in the text.
* The articles in this magazine are written by editors and analysts. The goal of our team is to inform and advise readers about ethical fashion in order to increase the visibility of the latter. It goes without saying that we advocate ethical fashion, whatever its form. However, this does not affect the veracity of the published content.
** In order to simplify the text, we use the masculine as a neutral gender to designate both women and men.