Here are some ideas for singles and for all those who need a day to think of themselves.
Article by Laurie-Han Hébert
  •  Take a bath and abuse of bubbles (these can come from a bubble bath and/or a bottle of champagne).
  •  Spend an evening with friends. Who says Valentine’s Day is only for lovers?
  • Make a solo outing (restaurant, cinema, etc.) that can turn out to be extremely satisfying on a personal level.
  • Take the time to cook your favorite dish or a new recipe that you’ve been dying to try for a long time.
  • Spoil yourself with takeout.
  • Sit down and create. Everything is allowed. It can be writings, drawings, or anything else you’d like to conceive.
  •  Read, since we never have time.
  • Do your nails, to try a new haircut, or simply refresh yours.
  • Improvise a small road trip with a friend.
*It is possible to go for a shopping spree, but know that there are many interesting activities that require no purchase. However, if you insist, we suggest a comfortable pajamas, a book, or wine.
Then, you can also dare buying a rose (red, of course, since you have to respect the cliché).