The SFW runaway took place last week. Here is a short overview of the event, pointing out the creations that have marked us as well as the winner of the Startup Entrepreneur Award!

Article and photographies by Laurie-Han Hébert and Ioana Vacarean
Translated by Ioana Vacarean


Startup Fashion Week

SFW has been taking place since 2014 in Toronto and was set for its inaugural debut at Montreal this month. For more information on the launch in Montreal, as well as a brief introduction to SFW, please read our previous article Startup Fashion Week in Montreal (


The runway

The runway was just perfect. The room was large enough and there were several seats. The bright white lights at the end of the catwalk really helped to notice the details of the fabrics and the shapes of the outfits on the models. We must admit that it also helped us to take nice pictures for you! The goal of the parade was to provide visibility to the most promising of the Canadian startups. Rachel Shultz Cosmetics, as well as the master hairdressers Jacques Despars, took care of the models’ look ,so that they appear at their best on the podium. Mini collections, wearable art, technology startups together with clothing designers were on hand to offer us a parade worthy of the name. The designers included EMY ARMOR, Beverly, SEAM, HATCHI DESIGN, BKANNE, F. Capuano and more!


Our favorite creations

The two-piece swimsuit by COLORS OF THE SKY
This sexy swimwear caught our attention with its unique look that stood out from other pieces in the collection. Indeed, its thin ruffles and straps highlighted the bare shoulders of the model, while the wide black band at the navel sharpened her waist. The pastel pink and the delicacy through the provocation were giving a feminine touch that we could not do without!
The  lustrous cropped top and  A line skirt by BKANNE
The bright pink fuchsia color of this skirt creates a contrast with the white short top and officially gives way to summer. The band that tightens the high waist of the skirt reminds us of a silky ribbon. We also have noticed the transparency of the fabric at the level of the clavicles which, hand in hand with the skin that glimpses the cropped top, brings a daring subtle note.
The wedding dress signed by Jillian Joy
What we notice immediately by looking at this dress are the legs of the model that suddenly seem longer because of the fabric in  front of the dress  which stops above the knees. And then we observe the cut and the silhouette, and we focus on the details that make this dress a must have for young brides  with  refined taste. Look at the puffed sleeves, the lace, the transparency … It is not by chance that Jillian Joy finished the parade!
The leather jacket and the pencil skirt signed MALIKA RAJANI
Needless to say, what first caught our attention at this outfit was the fire-engine red and the metallic gold touch of the jacket garments. The skirt completes the look by giving a sophisticated office  or  a 5@7 look. In addition, the black collar, the straps affixed to the wrists and the skirt create a reminder of color that appeases the undeniable intensity of the jacket.


Startup Entrepreneur Award from SFW

Startup Fashion Week founder Jodi Goodfellow went on the podium to present the event. Entrepreneur Award, introduced by Mont Royal Watches, to Bianca Cordileone, designer at EMY ARMOR. According to Jodi, this prize was awarded in recognition of Bianca’s hard work that SFW  witnessed in the past year.

“Thank you all for taking the time to come out and support our startups. We have a lot to offer you. »- Bianca